Dwell Time Tracking Widget

The Dwell Time Tracking widget is part of the Tracking widget category. For more information on the widgets, please refer to Widgets Set-up Guide.



The Dwell Time Tracking widget enables you to track the time your visitors spend on a page. Visitors who reach a given duration will be grouped under this duration goal.

For example, you can create three separate goals in one single widget. 

Let's say: 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and 180 seconds. You will see in the reporting for each goal, how many visitors reached it.

This will give you an idea of the time your visitors spend on a single page, whether it is a content page with a long scroll or a simple task-oriented page (or group of pages, depending on your targeting criteria).

In theory, you should always have a higher number of reached goals for the shortest durations and a lower number of reached goals for the longest durations.





To configure the widget:

  1. give it a name (for the Goals setup step and the Reporting),
  2. define a duration (make sure to name it accordingly),
  3. save.

To use more than one goal, add them into the same tracking widget (by clicking on the "+" button) instead of adding another tracking widget. If you added one by mistake or if you would like to remove one inside of a tracking widget, just click on the red cross to delete it.

In order for your goal(s) to be displayed in your campaign reports, you need to add them as main or secondary goals. For more on the goal configuration step, refer to the Metrics Guide.

To avoid creating conflicts within your campaign's reporting data, we recommend adding a single widget in which all your dwell time goals will be defined.

To enable a fair comparison, event tracking widgets are applied to the original version and to the campaign variation(s).

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