Databases integration: General information

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This feature is currently available in Early Adoption. Please contact your CSM to enroll into the Early Adopter program.


The database integration feature allows you to design a report from data that has been collected by AB Tasty, and export them to your external databases. Daily exports are available to keep your external databases up to date.

To manage your database integrations, go to the Integration Hub > Databases category.


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An export is generated once an integration is configured and will execute daily at the configured time.


Connectors and exports

You need to set up a connector and an export for the database integration to work.

  • The Connector manages the connection between AB Tasty and your database. Please refer to the following user guides to set it up:
    • BigQuery connector
    • Snowflake connector
    • Redshift connector 
  • The Export manages data export. It defines the following elements:
    • The data to export
    • Where to export it
    • The export frequency

You can create an export once a connector is configured.



All collected data can be exported through our Data explorer API. You will be asked a payload to extract data from the Data Explorer form. The payload corresponds to a data query.

We recommend testing the Data Explorer API and validating the output data report before setting up an export. 

For more information, please refer to the Developer portal’s article about the Data Explorer API and how to query it. 


Generating your payload

To generate your payload, use the new version of the data explorer from the Data Explorer category of the main navigation.

Good to know💡

The rules to generate the payload vary depending on your pricing plan. Please refer to your contract to identify the plan you subscribed to. Paid plans come with unlimited data integrations.

Free plan

Please follow the following steps to generate a payload using the free plan:

In the Data Explorer:

  1. Define a date start and an end date
  2. Choose dimension campaignId
  3. Fill the value: the campaignId you want to extract data
  4. Leave the “limit” field empty
  5. Click “Test query data consumption”

Good to know💡

You need to apply a filter by campaignId to limit the payload to one campaign extraction.

You can add more filters and dimensions to your payload.


You must define at least of metric to export

Once you click on “Test query data consumption”, the Payload will be generated as follows:

Paid plan

Please follow the following steps if you are using a paid plan: 

In the Data Explorer:

  1. Leave the “limit” field empty
  2. Click on "Test query data consumption”

Good to know💡

You can add filters and dimensions to your payload, and your payload can be generated without any restriction.


Creating an export

Step 1: Set up your export

At this stage, you’ve created the following: 

  • your connector between your AB Tasty account and your external database
  • the payload to generate the data export

In this example, we will use BigQuery as provider. The process is the same for Snowflake and Redshift.

  1. In the Integration Hub library, select your provider: here BigQuery.
  2. Select the connector you’ve previously created to link your AB Tasty account to your BigQuery account
  3. Name your export. For example, you can use the name/id of your campaign, to easily identify the data in your database. Ex: “A/B Test CTA Product page - id 123123”
  4. Name the table that will be generated in BigQuery

  1. Use the payload you’ve previously generated with the data explorer form
  2. Ab Tasty automatically checks the payload for syntax errors and displays an error message if an error is encountered.
  3. Save and Create export

This will create a full export of the existing campaign data: from the 1st minute since the campaign is running, to now. It will test the connection and create a daily report, ready to be activated at the next step.

Heads up ⚡

If you are using the free plan:

When you click on “Save and create export”, AB Tasty checks the following:

  • If the Payload contains the filter campaignID
  • If the campaignID is well filled in
  • If the campaignID is linked to the current account (if the campaign has been built in the current account)

If one of the above conditions is not met, the API returns an error message. 


Step 2: Activate your daily export

Now that you have created and tested your export, you can activate it. This will make it run daily at the specified time.

Every day, AB Tasty will send:

  • All the collected data for the campaignID that has been declared, from the last export done while the campaign is live, and the daily export active.



The database integration usage and extracts falls is limited by data explorer v2.

Your requests to Data Explorer (either by integration or direct) will be limited by a monthly quota. Your export quota is set every first of the month. The usage depends on the volume of data fetched.

AB Tasty provides tools to assist you estimate the cost of your request and know your remaining quota.

You can find more information on quota management here.


Free and paid version comparison

Regarding data integration tools, we offer both free and paid features/options available in the “paid version” 

Below is a feature comparison list for each version:

Action Free version Upgraded version
Create as many exports as you need Yes Yes
Number of campaigns by export One, mandatory Free
Number of exports that can run at the same time One maximum Free
Make all the exports to run “once” for testing/ snapshot purposes, even when another export is already running Yes Yes

Please contact your KAM to upgrade your plan. This can be done directly from the integration hub interface, as shown below:

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