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Piano Analytics & AB tasty

Piano Analytics is a part of the Piano Suite, a comprehensive software package designed to help businesses optimize their digital experience. Piano Analytics is specifically designed to help companies measure their content performance and understand user behavior across platforms. With its real-time data visualization, granular reporting, and advanced segmentation capabilities, Piano Analytics has become a popular choice for media organizations.

The Piano Analytics integration allows you to receive the audiences created in the Piano Analytics dashboard and to target them with AB Tasty.


Good to Know 💡- Piano Analytics Audience

An audience in Piano Analytics is any subset of users based on a particular criterion defined by you.
For further information on how to use audiences, please refer to the Piano Analytics documentation

The Piano Analytics allows you to receive the audiences collected in Piano Analytics and to use them to create audiences within AB Tasty. Thus, the  Piano Analytics integration process is taking place on both interfaces. 


To make sure the integration runs without any problem: 

  1. You must have Piano Analytics integrated into your website.

On the console (on the browser), you can check with the following commands: 


Heads up 🚩

In order to retrieve all audiences with the linked visitorIDs, we must identify all visitors on your website. To do that, we are using a native method provided by Piano Analytics (setUser method : See doc). 

February 2024 : Be careful  : this native method exposed by PA is not done for this usage. In agreement with them, we could use this method, however, for some clients AB tasty and PA could have in common: 

  • Some of them maybe will use this native method too. If it is the case, the pull connector will not succeed because you’ll overwrite the ID we provided to PA. 
  • For others clients of PA who don’t use the setUser method, the Pull integration will run without any problem

Roadmap : In agreement with Piano analytics, we schedule that PA will develop a specific method only for AB tasty. As soon as it’s done on their side, we’ll stop using the setUser method, and we’ll use the new method. Thanks to this migration, the pull method integration will work for all users without any problem


  1. If you want to  check if the setUser method has been correctly done, go to the cookies > yourWebSite and search if you have one cookie with the name “pa_user”


Enabling the integration on Piano Analytics 

To enable integration on Piano, follow the steps below inside the Piano Analytics app:

  1. Go to your Profile > API keys. Enter a name and a description. 

  1. Once the API key is generated, you have one Access Key and one secret key. Please copy both, you will need them later. 
  2. Go back to your piano Analytics dashboard. Inside the url, you have one field “site” with a value. Exemple : 

Please copy the value of “site”. For example, here the value is:  636937

Good to Know 💡- API Key
An integration API key is a unique key that allows a third-party tool to communicate with your specific AB Tasty account i.e., send data to your account. 


 Enabling the integration on AB Tasty 

To enable the integration on AB Tasty, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Integrations > Integration Hub > Pull.
  2. Search for and select Piano Analytics.
  3. Click Setup connector.
  4. Give a name to your connector so you can easily retrieve it.

  1. API Key : paste the API key using the following format (official documentation here)


  1. Site Id : paste the siteID you have copied earlier

Piano Analytics is now set up. No other action is required here. This will allow AB Tasty to display the audiences that will be sent by Piano Analytics.



 Once you have activated and configured an integration, you can retrieve your segment traits in the segment builder (available when you create a new segment). 

Audiences or traits generated by your integrations are all to be found under the criteria group EXTERNAL DATA.  
For each integration, you will have a corresponding item that you can drag and drop to use.  
For global information on how to build a targeting segment, please refer to our targeting guide


Good to Know 💡- Audience Availability in the Segment Builder
Only audiences including at least one visitor are available in the list of audiences of the tool.

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