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Getting the best from your satisfaction monitoring

The NPS© widget is a powerful tool to monitor the satisfaction of your visitors. You can use it for long term monitoring, getting feedback from a new webpage, a new service and so on. 

But what if you could then act on the visitors that rated their experience ? 

Catch up the disgruntled visitors, reassure the disappointed, thrive on your promoters?

It is possible to do so with our NPS© segment criterion!
How to activate it? As any AB Tasty segment criterion, it is pretty easy. Let’s have a quick walkthrough.

⚙️ Configuration

In your segment builder, under the User satisfaction category, you will find 2 criteria : CSAT and NPS©.
Drag and drop the NPS© criterion in the right panel and let's configure the form.

The NPS© criterion allows you to target specific visitors that were previously exposed to an NPS© campaign and left a rating. 

  1. Select the operator to verify the condition (equals, is greater/lower than, is between). Keep in mind that these operators are inclusive (meaning ‘equal’ AND greater/lower/between the values you have entered).
  2. Select rating value(s) to target visitors accordingly: Promoters (10 or 9), Passives (8 or 7), Detractors (6 to 0)..
  3. Specify the campaign type, the campaign and the variation (variation can be optional) in which the rating has been given.

Note that you can also select the ‘+ add condition’ option if you want an additional condition from another campaign. In this case, the AB Tasty tag will check if one condition OR the other is met.
Do not forget to name your segment properly and save it.
For the QA, the segment you have built will return as ‘true’ or ‘false’ in the console or as ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’ in the QA Assistant as any other segment or trigger.

🔎 How does it work?

When a visitor gives a rate in an NPS© campaign, the information is stored in their local storage.
So in order to segment your visitors according to NPS©, a campaign should have run and collected ratings (obvious so far) and the visitors should not have cleared their local storage.

👉 The scoring is erased and updated if a visitor responds differently to the same campaigns

You can see the scores when inspecting your webpage :

Application > Local storage > websitedomain > ABTastyData > objects CsatVotes & NpsVotes


👉 See NPS widget setup documentation


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