👉 Minimum Pages viewed criterion

The Minimum pages viewed criterion is a triggering criterion that enables you to create a trigger. 

📖 Definition

The minimum pages viewed is a criterion that allows you to trigger your campaign based on a specific number of pages viewed by your visitors. It helps build your strategy around visitors' engagement wherever our tag can count those visited pages. 

⚙️ Configuration

You have to first select the right operators. You have two solutions, either: 

  • Is equal to or greater than 
  • Is equal to or lower than 

In the value field, you just have to declare the right number of pages that will fit your use cases. 

💡 Use case


Let’s imagine you want to target visitors that wander on your website. You could set a trigger based on your average number of visited pages’ number to identify visitors that spend more time than average. If that number is “5”, you could set the configuration to “6” to display the campaign to visitors that exceed that number. 

🔎 How does it work?

ABTasty gets this information from our main “ABTasty” cookie. We have a specific key “pvis” (that stands for “Pages viewed in Session”) that stores this information. Every time a visitor visits a new page, this number is incremented. 


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