👉 Weather criterion

The Weather criterion is a triggering criterion that enables you to create a trigger. 

📖 Definition

The weather criterion enables you to test or personalize your visitors' experiences based on real-time weather data.

⚙️ Configuration

AB Tasty offers you different dimensions to work with based on weather conditions. In the first field, you can either include or exclude the audience you’ll be configuring. Then, two main elements will help you define your trigger: 

  • A specific type of weather: You can choose between Clear, Clouds, Drizzle, Dust, Fog, Mist, Rain, Smoke, Snow, Thunderstorm, or All.
  • A range of temperature: select here the range of temperature you want your campaign to be based on, starting from the minimum value to the maximum value of this range
    • If you put only one min temperature, the targeting will be done on all the values equal to or above that value.
    • If you put only one max temperature, the targeting will be done on all the values equal or under that value.

💡 Use case

The weather criteria is a key pillar in terms of personalization and will help you build a strong strategy based on what your visitors are experiencing in real-time. Let’s imagine a big drop in temperature in mid-season. You could promote and display with ABTasty a specific card or banner on your website to highlight your snow/winter coats with specific price discounts.

Inside the trigger builder, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Select the weather criteria 
  2. Select the “is” operator 
  3. Select the “Snow” type of weather 
  4. The range could go from 0F° to 32F°

With that kind of configuration, your campaign will be displayed only when your visitors are exposed to snowy conditions 😎

🔎 How does it work?

To display the right temperature metric (either Celsius or Fahrenheit), AB Tasty refers to your language settings. We will display Fahrenheit by default if your langage configured is the english, and Celsius for the other langages. The trigger will automatically use the right reference system.

Weather detection goes through a few different steps:

  1. We interpret the visitor geolocation from its IP 
  2. We call a specific service called “Open weather map” to know what is the current weather on that particular geolocation
  3. We store this information in the session storage, inside the same object as the Geoloc one (“ABTastyGeoloc”)

This specific weather service is called only when our tag detects the weather triggers being used in one active campaign on your account. When the session is initiated, the tag checks if we already have the information stored in the session storage. If not, he proceeds with the weather verification based on the user’s IP (only if we have his/her consent) that we described before. 


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