Cart abandonment criterion

The Page interest criteria is a segmentation criteria that enables you to create a segment

📖 Definition

The Cart Abandonment segment criterion allows you to create a segment to restrict the visibility of a campaign to visitors who initiate a card without validating it during the previous session.

⚠️This criteria is derived from the transaction tag and specific Product Hits integration, which enables AB Tasty to pinpoint the audience. In order to use this criterion, you need to setup those hits.

⚙️ Configuration


To configure this criterion, you must first select one value from the first drop-down list: has or has not, depending on which visitors you want to target. You have two options : 

  1. the ones who abandoned their cart during the previous session,
  2. the ones who did not abandon their cart during the previous session, which means visitors who did not engage a cart previously on your website.

Additionally, you can refine the abandoned cart targeting by adding advanced conditions (by clicking the Add condition CTA), which will help you define the audience more precisely.

You have two options here:

  • Number of products 
  • Total cart amount

💡 Use case


In this example, your campaign will be displayed for visitors who initiated a cart greater than 300€ during their previous session. To reassure your visitors about ordering from your website, you may want to highlight your fidelity/return policies better on your website when they return. 


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