Read EmotionsAI campaigns’ report

From your AB Tasty account, once EmotionsAI is activated, you can simply access the module pages by opening the report of your campaign in AB Tasty, and clicking on the EmotionsAI reporting button 33458cb4-5892-4ef8-ab61-ae6d101b3f91 on the left menu:



From there, you will get a direct view of the EmotionsAI report for your campaign.


Analysis context


Just like in other tabs of EmotionsAI, you can select specific criteria to make your analysis.


Personalization potential



Performance analysis by variation

The report is easy to read: elements colored in red or green present significant results (statistical significance >90%, observed on more than 50 conversions) which allow us to consider the analysis as reliable for the time period selected.

Elements in gray show a trend, but are not significant enough at this stage to confirm a real impact of the campaign variations for the associated segment.

When the performance is positive (in green) for some segments, you can take action and personalize your website to these segments using the high-performing variation.

On the other hand, if the performance is negative (in red) for some segments, we advise you to avoid applying the change from the variation on these segments.


The “Personalization potential” table proposes a summary of how much conversion and revenue could be gained by displaying the best variation for each audience segment. Best variations are selected under 2 conditions:

  • Statistically significant impact on conversion rate vs Baseline experience (i.e. green bars in graphs)
  • Positive impact in terms of revenue per visitor

This summary provides a clear business opportunity assessment of emotional personalization for each A/B test result. The targeting that is presented here can then be used in the Segment Builder to launch a personalization reusing the designs that have been A/B tested, and displaying them to the users performing well on it.




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