Setting up your account

The following actions are to create your EmotionsAI account. They are important and one-time only actions.


Set up your EmotionsAI account

Connect to https://emotionsai.abtasty.com/settings to access the SETTINGS section of the EmotionsAI module. From here, you can see your user login (email), and change your password.

You can also define your preferred language for the EmotionsAI module.


Check your access and goals currency

In the settings section, click on the ACCOUNTS LIST tab on the top to see all accounts associated with your login. The number of accounts you can access is related to the contract signed with AB Tasty regarding the use of EmotionsAI.

Ensure that the accounts, domains and country/currency are properly set up.

💡If you’re interested in adding new accounts to your account list and benefiting from EmotionsAI across several websites, please contact your Key Account Manager.


Build your team

In the settings section, click on GUEST LIST to open the user access interface. 

Invite your team members to the EmotionsAI workspace by clicking on the “Invite guest” button on the top right. 


Map your pages

Mapping is a crucial step in using EmotionsAI. It will allow you to properly analyze the impact of your campaigns and see the return on investment generated by EmotionsAI.

Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a mapping form to fill out in so they can integrate the mapping into the module.


Journey steps

On AB Tasty, we need to define each step of the user journey to provide you with the best advice for your CRO strategy.

Example of 6 journey steps (or page types):



A funnel is a linear sequence of journey steps. Most e-commerce websites have only 1 funnel, but there can be specifics that require defining several funnels.

Example of a simple funnel:


Example of a website with several funnels:



There can’t be more than 1 goal per funnel. A journey goal is a final goal of a journey, ideally associated with business value.



A mapping consists in one or more funnels covering the part of the website you want to analyze. The mapping is used in the Opportunities feature of EmotionsAI, to audit all steps of funnels contained in mapping, and rank steps by the size of emotional frictions they generate among users.

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